Join us at our next Virtual PTA Meeting


  • PTA plays a key role in informing families about their children’s school community and advocating for them. They are independent of the school and self-governing but must operate within a framework of rules, set forth in Chancellor’s Regulation A-660, designed to ensure that all parents are represented, and decisions are made in a fair and inclusive way.
  • Due to these unprecedented times this year PTA will hold their monthly PTA meeting virtually through zoom or google meet.
  • PTA meetings are held once every month. A schedule of these meetings will be sent out to our families. If the time or date must be changed for any reason, a notice will be sent home.
  • The PTA would kindly appreciate your generous support in any virtual activities or fundraisers held, as they directly benefit ALL the children in the school. We also urge families to volunteer and share their time, energy, skills and experience with the school community.

PTA Resources

President – Zaimarie Lopez-DInkins

Co-President – Maria Quintuna

Secretary – Greicy Garcia-Hernandez

Treasurer – Iesha Jonhson

PA/PTA President or Co-Presidents conducts and chairs all PA/PTA meetingsbuilds consensus through parliamentary procedurescoordinates the work of the Executive Board officers and committees of the associationsigns PA/PTA checksis the primary representative to the appropriate Presidents’ Councilserves as a mandatory member of the School Leadership Teamplans agendas for general membership meetings with Executive Board officersencourages parent involvement and member participationappoints chairpersons of PA/PTA committees (fund-raising, hospitality, etc.)assists with the June transfer of all PA/PTA records to the incoming Executive Board

PA/PTA Treasurer keeps a record of all income received by the PA/PTAkeeps a record of all PA/PTA expensesprovides a written Treasurer’s report at each PA/PTA meetingcontributes to the development of the PA/PTA proposed budgetprepares the January Interim PA Financial Report, June Annual PA Financial Report and all other monthly reports (i.e., fundraising activity reports, monthly Treasurer reports)deposits money in the PA/PTA checking accountsigns PA/PTA checksassists with the June transfer of PA/PTA financial records

PA/PTA Recording Secretary records motions, votes, decisions, financial activity, reports and discussion at all association meetings (minutes)shares minutes at each general membership meeting for review and adoption by the membershipensures that PA/PTA records are available to the general members upon request and reasonable noticeprepares responses to all incoming correspondencemaintains an accurate file of all incoming and outgoing correspondenceprepares all meeting notices and agendas for distribution at association meetingsreceives all of the association’s mail and directs mail to the appropriate Executive Board officer