Mission Statement

Our Future Leaders Elementary School family synergizes to build a trusting, respectful, and positive learning environment in order to foster socially responsible, interdependent, lifelong leaders.

Vision Statement

Future Leaders Elementary School is a collaborative community that is committed to equity and excellence.  Our blended learning environment ensures rigorous, equitable outcomes for all students. We believe that our leaders have the ability and right to develop their individual and collective achievements, as well as their social emotional well being, while respecting and celebrating all cultures.  We synergize to create and deepen the roles of families and community members as partners.  Together,  we’re building a solid foundation from which our leaders develop their 21st century skills,  as they grow into socially competent decision makers who set actionable goals,  while taking ownership of  their path towards college and career readiness.

Core Values

Learners excel in an environment that fosters both a passion for and a commitment to the acquisition of knowledge

Establish positive and strong relationships with families to support leader learning

Accountability is essential to our children’s success now and in their future

Dedication to using assessment and reflection to accelerate leader achievement is vital

Effective people practice the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Reach out to the community to develop and build partnerships that reinforce our investment in tomorrow’s global leaders

Synergy and integrity are the keys to our success