What Does it Take to be a Community Helper

Security Agent

FLES Journalists interview Agent Pasag (center). Photo by Maylin.

FLES Journalists decided to conduct a series of interviews with local community helpers. To open the series they invited our school’s safety agents for their first interview. FLES Journalists met several times, to prepare for the interviews, collaborated to plan questions, and synergized to record, photograph, transcribe, edit and publish their interview with agents Pasag and agent Hossein.

FUTURE LEADERS ELEMENTARY – We met with agent Hossein and agent Pasag, to ask them about being community helpers. Agents described to us what they value in their work, what they needed to become community helpers, and what they love about thier job.

FLES Journalists [J]: Thank you for finding time to speak with us. Agent Hossein, what are you looking forward to every morning?

Agent Hossein [AH]: My goal is very simple. My goal is to make sure that everyone is safe. That includes students, but also, teachers, other educators, and everyone who visits our building.

FLES Journalists interview Agent Hossein (center). Photo by Maylin.

FLES Journalists [J]: Agent Pasag, what about you?

Agent Pasag [AP]: Every morning I look forward to seeing my students. I love seeing them smile, learn, be good friends to each other, and make good choices in general.

[J]: Are students making good choices in our school?

[AH]: Of course. For the most part, all kids want to be good. I see that most of them make good choices, but even when they don’t there is always a new day, and a new chance to be better.

[J]: What made you choose to become a safety agent?

[AP]: I love being around kids. This is the main reason. And working at this school makes me especially happy because we have the best kids.

[J]: What is your goal for every day?

[AP]: My goals is to help everyone I meet throughout my day, to be a good friend to all staff members, to meet new people, and to see students progress and grow.

[J]: We are getting reading for the career week. What do you need to become a safety agent?

[AH]: The most important requirement is to graduate high school. All of you should make it a priority right now to graduate from high school. It is very important for any career.

[J]: Thank you very much ■

Alinn (questions, audio transcription, editing)
Nayeli (interviewer, audio transcription)
Maylin (photography and fact-checking)
Aharon (video and audio recording)
Adam (interview coordinator)
Avril (interviewer, audio recording)
Yariel (note-taking, videographer)
Simon (video and audio recording, note-taking)
Ismael (questions and planning)

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